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Uniting Mind, Body, and Soul

Classes and Services

Yoga Petals Class

Ancient Tradition Ayurvedic based  yoga class focusing on asana (posture),  pranayama (breathing ) and healing sound current.  This class is an exquisite blend of the classic yogic traditions with healing notes of Flower Essence Therapy.

This class is beautifully unique and will soothe your soul, uplift your spirit, engage your heart, and deliciously stretch  every  part of you!

You will leave feeling wonderfully alive, peacefully serene, and joyfully fulfilled!

Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy dates back thousands of years and can be found in ancient earth cultures all over the world including Aboriginal wildflower detoxification rituals in Australia, to mystical flower healing blends wild crafted by Himalayan Ayurvedic medicine doctors, to the Rain Forest shamans of South America as well as throughout Europe,  North America, and globally influenced by the English Physician, Bacteriologist, and Homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach, Founder of  Bach Flower Essence Therapy.  Flower Essence Therapy can  also be used as an excellent complimentary modality to support many other healing practices.


Sound Baths

Healing Sound Baths with crystal and gong sound therapy combined with special gem elixir therapy.  This excellent and profound combination of healing and soothing LifeForce energetics  will purify, strengthen, and balance your  subtle energy body and electromagnetic energy field including your chakras, nadis, meridians, sarotas, and Aura.



Pranayama, Mudra, and Meditation practice to finely attune you to your innate  Divine Inner Guidance, Wisdom, and Love.



Flower Essence Therapy is also wonderful for pets!  In fact animals react very quickly to the gentle power of flower essences, some say because they don't have the barrier of negative thought patterns and respond immediately to the healing action of the flower's life force.



Treat and sooth yourself to a wonderful Flower Essence Therapy Session with Homeopath and Certified Flower Essence Therapist, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Christine von Liederbach.  This session will engage your vital LifeForce energies for a deeply peaceful &  joyful you!

deep relaxation with the breath

Please join us for a wonderful 7 minute introduction to basic Pranayama ( Yoga breathing) for peace, serenity, joy and stillness.  Enjoy!